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New Email Scam Targeting REALTORS®

A phishing email, purportedly from the “REALTOR Party via DocuSign,” has been sent to some NAR members. NAR says the email, which contains an attachment, is a phishing attempt, and recipients should delete it. If you’ve opened the email and entered your DocuSign credentials, you should log into DocuSign and change your password immediately. Remember [...]

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Stop Scammers From Stealing Your Down Payment

A hot new scam targets home buyers: down payment wire fraud. Hackers send bogus emails, telling buyers where to wire the down paymentmoney. The stolen money disappears. The home buyer ends up with an empty bank account and a broken heart. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been stolen this way. But you can avoid that [...]

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Google: “Office Inbox Receives 6.2X More Phishing Than Your Inbox at Home”.

Google Research analyzed over a billion emails passing through Gmail, and the results were presented last week at the RSA security conference in San Francisco which I visited. Extremely interesting stats: corporate email addresses are 6.2 times more likely to receive phishing attacks, 4.3X likely to receive malware compared to personal accounts, but 0.4X less [...]

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Cyber Security in Real Estate Sales

"Cyber Security in Real Estate Sales " begins by addressing three crucial questions:   Is cyber risk a real problem in the real estate sales industry? Why is the industry being targeted? How real are the threats for agents, brokers, and office managers?   And then answers three more: How did it happen? What does the [...]

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